January 2023 | Enero 2023

Studio News is monthly 16 pages multi-color tabloid in Hindi. This is India First Photography newspaper, which is published in Hindi, enabling the studios, photographers and other Photography trade related technicians to get first-hand knowledge and understanding about the latest products, help them acquire skill to use the products and make them proud owners. STUDIO NEWS is focusing and distributing hard copy, to the studios in India’s state -Uttar Pradesh RAJASTHAN, GUJARAT, PUNJAB, HARYANA, HIMACHAL PRADESH, UTTARAKHAND, DELHI, BIHAR, CHHATTISGARH, JHARAHAND & MADHYA PRADESH. Circulation of hard copies is approximately 10000 every month. The main objective of The STUDIO NEWS is to educate studios, photographers and technicians with the latest technical knowledge of camera, video and other trade related equipment’s; familiarize them with the editing and other software features and support them with wide range of usages of new technological equipment’s which are quite unknown or ambiguous to them due to language barrier.

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