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¿What is Revistas Ya?


It’s an entertainment service that allows you to read the latest digital magazines of the market from your Smartphone, Tablet or PC.


¿How can I Access the service?


If you are not registered yet, go to http://revistasya.com/registro.php

Once you have an active subscription you will be able to read unlimited magazines!

You can also log in via:


¿How can I recover my password for Revistas Ya! user?


Easy! Go to http://revistasya.com/ingreso.php and click “Forgot password”.

If you are accessing the app, you can fill in your username (email) and click “Forgot password”.

In both cases you will get an email to reestablish your password.


¿How many magazines can I read?

¡Unlimited! Once you have an active subscription you may read as many magazines as you want with no limits.


¿Can I download magazines to read offline?

Yes, you can download magazines in the app to read offline.