Terms and Conditions


The Service: RevistasYa!

RevistasYa! is an entertainment service offered by Media Digital SA Argentina and recommended for persons of legal age of 18 years to access, through a smartphone, tablet or computer, the magazines loaded by the Provider under the conditions detailed in these Terms of Use.

Those users who wish to do so may request to be added to the service by sending their data in the REGISTRATION form. The sending of the REGISTRATION form will provide compliance with the descriptive option and will imply the registration in the Service which presents two modalities described in this document.


FREE Subscription to Revistas Ya!

Users can access the free online reading of the magazines made available by THE PROVIDER


PREMIUM subscription to RevisyasYa!

Users can access the paid online reading of the magazines made available by THE PROVIDER

The premium subscription cost specified on the platform may be modified at the sole discretion of THE PROVIDER

Subscription Service PREMIUM will be provided by activating the monthly subscription, continuously from the activation of the Service by the User, and until the moment in which the latter requests the deactivation or cancellation through the system available on the platform of payments defined by THE PROVIDER.

Upon canceling the PREMIUM Subscription, the User will not be entitled to continue using the PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION service and will be automatically removed from the subscription.

Upon canceling the PREMIUM Subscription, the USER will require a FREE Subscription again if he wishes to continue the service in FREE Subscription mode.


Use of the Service will be subject to acceptance and compliance with these Terms and Conditions. It will also be necessary all the particular conditions, notices or operating instructions that are made known to the User through the Provider's website, in relation to the Service and the magazines. Users can communicate by email to info@revistasya.com to consult questions, complaints or suggestions.

The issues will be available for reading from the moment the user successfully makes their registration in the FREE or PREMIUM mode, leaving the latter model to reference the approval of the payment platform expressly enabled

The magazines can be read online from any compatible terminal.

All Users who subscribe to the Service and perform the necessary authentication steps, declare and guarantee that they have taken knowledge and comply with these Terms and Conditions.


Intellectual property

Users are obliged to make a lawful use of the Service and the magazines they access as a result of the Subscription, in accordance with the applicable current law and these Terms and Conditions.

The Provider is a licensed holder of the magazines, and / or has received a license to use the respective Editors.

The magazines, and in general everything that the Subscription is made of, is protected by copyright in the framework of current regulations.

All magazines that Users download devices cannot be transferred, copied or transmitted to any other device. Likewise, the User may not give the magazines any destination other than the one intended. The magazines may not be copied or reproduced in any way, whether total or partial, for any purpose, without the express written authorization of the Provider.



The Provider cannot be held liable for any damage or harm caused or that could be caused to the Users or third parties

The Provider is not responsible for those Subscriptions that do not contain the requested data or that contain erroneous data. Nor will it be responsible for requests or shipments that are not accepted by the Provider's technology platform or for delays that may suffer the activation of magazines, text messages or any other shipment related to the Subscription, for any reason not attributable to the Provider, including but not limited to failures in network connectivity, errors in the writing of text messages, excess or saturation of network traffic, and / or any feature that prevents the transmission of such shipments or requests.

The Provider reserves the right to make any type of modification in the mechanics of the Subscription without prior notice with the sole requirement of communicating any change of relevance on the website and other means.



Any relationship that under this Service is generated between the Users and the Provider will be governed and agreed in full compliance with the laws of the Argentine Republic, the Users renouncing any other law to whose application they may be entitled.

They will be competent to settle any controversy or legal procedure that arises between the Provider and the Users, the national Courts with a seat in the City of Buenos Aires.